For the last 25 years, Johs. Pedersen A/S has been key supplier to the rail industry in Denmark, Sweden and Germany.

Johs. Pedersen A/S manufactures both mechanical components in steel and aluminium, as well as interior components such as seats, couches and side and roof panel upholstery. Furthermore, Johs. Pedersen A/S comprises a comprehensive renovation business, whereby we receive and renovate interior panels which, for one reason or another, require renovation.

Johs. Pedersen A/S is also a turnkey supplier of renovation jobs on interiors, whereby we use our own personnel to strip out an entire train, bring it to our modern upholstery factory in Viborg, and then dismantle, clean and renovate the furnishings before reassembling them in the train. All within an extremely tight schedule.

One of our biggest strengths is our ability to combine our expertise in both metal production and interiors, which is reflected for example in the conversion of the compartments on Copenhagen’s suburban S-trains from side compartments to flex compartments that enable passengers to take bicycles and prams with them onto the train.